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Tie the Mecate Reins
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Natural Training Tack

Natural Training Tack

Tie Mecate

Tie Mecate

How to tie the Mecate Rein:

Tying the Mecate into the slobber straps is easy. Start with the bit attached to the headstall; you can do this on or off your horse, the horse will prefer it off. We’ll start with the right slobber strap (the right side of your horse).

Put the slobber strap through the right side of the bit and fold it over.

Bring the popper end of the rein through the slobber strap from the outside to the inside, you will pull all of the rein through the two holes in the slobber strap to the mota end (the mota is the knot and cluster of horse hair or tassle on the opposite end of the rope from the popper).
Stop the mota about 6 inches out from the slobber strap. You need some slack for the half hitch.
Bring the mota under the slobber strap and come up over the top of the slobber strap. This should form a loop that you can drop the mota down through.
Pull the slack and snug the half hitch down. The mota keeps the rein from pulling through the hitch. You’re done with the right side.
On to the left side:

Place the slobber strap through the left ring on the snaffle bit and fold it over.

Thread the popper from the inside to the outside on the left side slobber strap. Make sure you leave the length of rein you want.

Bring the popper end under the slobber strap and come up the inside and over the top and back down through the hole, forming another half hitch.

Pull the slack and snug the half hitch down. You’re done! You may have to experiment with the length of the rein and lead line, but it is easily adjustable just loosen the half hitch on the left slobber strap and slide the rope one way or the other. 

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